Virtual Artificial Intelligence Pharmacy

With VaiPharm, you can store all data from your pharmacy virtually and organise it. You can stick your specialties to your prescriptions, profile, or add a reminder. You can share anonymously, the name and the data (codes, benefit and trouble keywords ) of specialties, without any personal data share to help to increase the lists of specialities you can search.

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Virtual Pharmacy

You can store all specialities you are using to your mobile, and always know if you have it available.

Save prescriptions

Keep prescriptions or ordinates, searchable, and linked to specialities and scheduling.

Profiles management

Create profiles for all of your family members, to always remember what specialities are for and use cases.

Scan QR/barecode add

You can add specialities by a barcode or QR code scan from the speciality package.

Creat any products

No barcode, you can add all the specialties you need , whether homoeopathic medicine, herbal tea, a food supplement manually.

Sync your device

Do you have many devices or like share your Pharmacy with the members of your family, just use the phone sync premium feature.